domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

El volumen de Return To Ommadawn

Hi Everyone, getting round to mastering time for Return To Ommadawn. There is a fashion these days to use digital plug-Ins to maximize or brick squash the volume of most audio tracks ( Mostly for radio). Although these seem to make the sound better they do in fact introduce distortion to the music. At the moment the sound is pristine and fantastic especially compared to the original Ommadawn. I would prefer NOT to use these new Gizmos. Do you mind turning up the volume a little bit on whatever system you play RTO on ?


Hacía tiempo que Oldfield había dejado de hablarnos de RTO, ésta noche nos ha escrito con la incertidumbre de en qué volumen queremos el nuevo disco, diciéndonos que prefiere ponerlo a un volumen bajo para que no se sature el sonido y ya cada cual suba el volumen.

2 comentarios:

  1. La verdad que estoy deseando que se publique este trabajo.

  2. Not at all Sir...
    Ive noticed that even Your earlier albums are bit lower in volume but that was never the problem... Plus if its a biggie for someone they can always convert it by them selves for their listening comfort.